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Windows are one of the very foundations of any home’s look and feel, because they serve many purposes. They allow natural light to enter the home, can typically be opened for fresh air, and add lots of character and charm to any home depending on how you accessorize them! Custom window shades help windows look and function better by controlling the amount of the sun’s heat and light that can enter the home.

These shades can add to the beauty and functionality of your windows as well as lower your utility bills and prevent fading! At DIY Window Shades, we provide custom shades that you can install yourself and save money.

Window shades don’t just look good, but also help pay for themselves by keeping your home cooler and more comfortable wherever they are used. Our custom window shades come in many colors, sizes and materials, making it easier than ever to find window shades (both interior and exterior mounted) that work in any room of your home.
Benefits of Custom Window Shades
Using window shades has many advantages. Interior mounted roller shades make it easy to control the amount of light that gets into room. They also make it easy to get a spot of cool color in any space, and can be lowered or raised as needed as your desired level of natural light changes.

We offer custom window treatments in a variety of fabrics that fit each customer’s unique needs. This makes it easier than ever to get window treatments that fit any window. Custom made roller shades are wonderful in rooms that may need something with character, and yet something that is totally modern at the same time. Along with being easy to use and operate, our custom window shades are quick and easy to install even if you don’t have any prior experience.
The Most Popular Kinds of Window Shades
Transparent & Translucent Fabrics
Window shades come in many different fabrics to suit different homes and decor styles. Options such as outside (exterior) mounted screens and inside (interior) mounted shades are both popular choices.

Custom window shades & screens also come in many different types of fabrics. For example, transparent fabrics are highly popular. These sheer fabrics help let in light while maintaining your view. Translucent fabrics are ideal for use in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms or other private spaces while allowing a warm glow of natural filtered light to enter a room.

These types of fabrics are available in varied levels of transparencies and colors, so it’s easier to choose just the right fabric that works most efficiently in each room.
Blackout Shades
Want to block out streetlights or the neighbor’s motion-activated lights? Blackout shades feature 100% Opaque fabrics that block out light in any room, and can be retracted when you don’t need them. Those who live or work in urban areas find that these light blocking shades help to greatly reduce light from from outside sources, so it’s easier to get to sleep. Light-blocking shades are also ideal for those who want to retain as much privacy as possible.
Motorized Shades
Motorized shades make it even easier to operate your retractable window treatments in any room. Motors are quiet and easy to use, and allow you to bring the amount of natural light to the exact level you want. That kind of precise control is extremely useful, particularly in places that have high windows that might be otherwise hard to reach. These are modern options that can be easily installed in any home or place of business and work efficiently to reduce rooms’ temperatures.

With DIY Window Shades, it’s easier than ever to find custom window coverings, produced in the USA that are just right for any room in your home! Manual or motorized, our custom window shades are available in many options to fit your home and budget.

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