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Exterior Retractable Solar Shades

Outside / Surface Mount
Inside /Surface Mount

The application is more forgiving with measurements. The critical measurement on this is unit width noting that the fabric will be 1 3/8″ narrower than the overall unit width.

The shade will be recessed mounted and will fit into a predetermined space with framing on all sides. The top mounting width area is critical for this application


The total width of the unit from outside of end cap to end cap. The fabric will be typically 1 3/8″ narrower than the total unit width. This measurement is more critical and should be within 1/8″

The total height of the shade from the top of the mounting bracket to the bottom of the hem bar when fully extended.

For inside mounts: This measurement is taken from the very top of the opening to the bottom.

For outside/surface mounts: From the top to the bottom of the area you are looking to cover. Keep in mind that the top roller section will be 2″ to 4″ tall.


This measurement is taken from left to right at 2″ down from the top of the opening. Keep in mind the fabric width will be 1 3/8″ narrower than the unit.  If you will end up with side light gaps, we offer optional blackout/side tracks. PLEASE NOTE: We will take off 1/8″ from your measurement provided to insure fit.


measure the opening you are looking to cover and add a minimum of 2" to the width for complete fabric coverage

No Blackout Tracks (add $0.00)
Blackout Tracks (add $0.00)

Blackout/side tracks are typically used for inside mount applications when the side window frame is less than 1 1/2″ thick to avoid direct light leaking past the side edges of the fabric. The fabric will be typically 1 3/8″ narrower than the unit width you order.  The other popular use for these tracks are when an opaque fabric is selected and you are trying to block of light glowing from the sides of the fabric.
Open Roller (add $0.00)
Fascia (add $0.00)
Cassette (add $0.00) The fabric wrapped around the aluminum roller clutch is exposed (if manually operated, pull chain is exposed as well). Open Roller is ideal if the roller will be hidden behind an existing fascia, recessed mounted or if the look is desired. The fascia is a painted aluminum extrusion that snaps onto the end brackets to hide the fabric roller and provide a clean, finished look. The fascia cover the front and most of the bottom of the roller tube, the top remains open. For surface or outside mounts, we offer matching side covers to give the fascia a “wrap around” appearance. The cassette option replaces the straight front fascia width a full wrap around extrusion with only an opening for the fabric on the bottom. The front of the cassette is typically covered with a panel of matching fabric to the shade. This gives the appearance of a continuous look without light gaps around the roller tube section
Transparent Fabrics   These are the most popular fabrics we offer. They provide for both light and heat filtering while allowing you to see through them even with very tight weaves such as 5% or less openness.  

Blackout Fabrics:   Blackout fabrics are referred to as, "Privacy Fabrics" as they provide complete light blockage or illuminated glow with limited or no view to the interior or exterior of the room. The openness range of these fabrics extend from 0% to 1%. These fabrics provide the maximum light blockage available.

Light Filtering Fabrics:   These fabrics which often offer a design element to the fabric, will also filter the sun's light and heat, but because of the fabric design, these fabrics will diffuse or distort your view - not allowing you from the inside or others from the outside to see through them.

White(add $0.00)
Brown (add $0.00)
Pull Chain Clutch (add $0.00)
Easy Spring
(add $68.00)
Solar Powered
(add $525.00)
Electric Wired
(add $625.00)


You can select manual, pull chain shades or choose to motorize them.  For motors, we offer wire free battery motors with solar charging panels or low voltage, DC motors. Our motors come from Somfy – the world leader.

Motorized Shade Control Option

To operate a motorized shade you will need at least 1 controller, either a wireless, wall mounted wall switch or a hand held remote. If you are purchasing multiple units, you can use 1 multi-channel controller to operate as many as 5 shades or 5 scenes - a scene allows multiple shades to operate simultaneously with the touch of a single button.

When would you select "No Controller"?

If you have an existing Somfy remote or Decoflex wall switch that you plan on programming to operate this shade(s). or You will order a multi-function controller on another size unit ordered today

Left Side
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Right Side
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Control Side

Choose which side, when facing the unit, you would like to have the controls on. If you have selected a unit that requires power, you will want the control side nearest to your power source.

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