Open Roller (add $0.00)

Fascia (add $0.00)

Cassette (add $0.00)

The fabric wrapped around the aluminum roller clutch is exposed (if manually operated, pull chain is exposed as well). Open Roller is ideal if the roller will be hidden behind an existing fascia, recessed mounted or if the look is desired.
The fascia is a painted aluminum extrusion that snaps onto the end brackets to hide the fabric roller and provide a clean, finished look. The fascia cover the front and most of the bottom of the roller tube, the top remains open. For surface or outside mounts, we offer matching side covers to give the fascia a “wrap around” appearance.

The cassette option replaces the straight front fascia width a full wrap around extrusion with only an opening for the fabric on the bottom. The front of the cassette is typically covered with a panel of matching fabric to the shade. This gives the appearance of a continuous look without light gaps around the roller tube section